Research Institute of bases and underground structures (NIIOSP) named after N. M. Gersevanov

As a structural subdivision of JSC Research Center of Construction, Research Institute of bases and underground structures (NIIOSP) named after N. M. Gersevanov is one of the largest institutes in Russia, well-known globally, operating in the field of bases and underground structures. Experts of NIIOSP named after N. M. Gersevanov  solve the full range of geotechnical problems: survey investigation, scientific research, design and construction of foundations and underground structures for buildings of various purposes, including in complex soil and natural climatic conditions.

NIIOSP was established in 1931 as the All-Soviet Union Institute of Complex Bases and Foundations. In 1958, the Institute was appointed the head enterprise in the field of foundation construction and underground development. In 1966, it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Since 1973, the Institute has born the name of its founder, the prominent Russian scientist, father of the national school of soil mechanics – Nikolay Mikhailovich Gersevanov. In 2008, the Institute became the holder of certificate and winner of Eurostandart.

Today, scientific activity of NIIOSP is focused on current problems connected with the practice of modern large-scale urban development in various geological engineering, natural climatic, and geotechnical conditions.

Over the years of their activity, experts of the Institute have elaborated unique unparalleled methods of calculation of base settlement of buildings and structures, created highly efficient constructions of foundations and underground parts of buildings and structures, including respective construction technologies giving the broadest opportunities for modern large-scale urban development.

Working with the majority of its projects the Institute had to overcome complex geological engineering, hydraulic, and geotechnical conditions. This stimulated the development of soil mechanics laying the foundation for a fundamentally new area – soil mechanics technology. Today, the methods and tools of this technology enable purposeful and optimal management of erection process of both underground and surface facilities of almost any scale and in almost any soil conditions.

As an integral part of dynamic response system, the methods and tools of geotechnical monitoring also gained traction in foundation construction and underground development.

Based on the experience gathered over the years of its activity, the Institute created a comprehensive regulatory framework covering the areas of foundation construction and underground development. Improvement and development of this framework goes on. In particular, in 2010-2012, using the best scientific achievements of recent years, we updated five previously issued construction codes and regulations (SNiP) and the majority of national standards (GOST) elaborated in different years.

Today, the Institute improves field-proven and creates new highly efficient constructions of bases, foundations, and underground parts of structures, develops building technologies, as well as methods and tools of geotechnical monitoring and quality control.

For their services to the motherland and contribution to the development of the construction sector, 23 scientists and expert employees of NIIOSP were awarded with state prizes, 17 prizes of the Council of Ministers, and other government awards.

For more than half of a century,  NIIOSP named after N. M. Gersevanov has been the base institution of the Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering (RSSMGFE), which is a member of ISSMGE, and the founder of the internationally acclaimed magazine Bases, Foundations, and Soil Mechanics.

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