Standards and regulations

The work on creation of regulatory acts in JSC Research Center of Construction is performed by the Department of Intellectual Property and Standardization. The Department prepares regulatory acts (technical specifications, corporate standards) and production documentation (regulations) for publication, including in the course of establishment of new enterprises, keeps record of and distributes such acts and documentation.   

JSC Research Center of Construction performs:

  • Elaboration of national and regional scientific and technical documentation and update of previous issues: Code Specifications (construction codes and regulations – SNiP), national and international standards (GOST),

  • Elaboration of regulatory technical and methodological documents: construction guidelines, technical requirements, company standards (STO), instructions, handbooks, methods, recommendations on survey, design, investigation, monitoring, production, construction work acceptance, quality control, and reliability of building structures.

In accordance with the Letter of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation (Minstroy of Russia), the Department carries out activities on expert evaluation of draft national additions to euro codes.