Research Institute of Building Constructions (TSNIISK) named after V. A. Koucherenko

As a structural subdivision of JSC Research Center of Construction, Research Institute of Building Constructions (TSNIISK) named after V. A. Koucherenko was founded in 1927 at the initiative of the Directorate of Science and Technology of the All-Soviet Union Economic Council to improve the construction sector by means of research and development of new materials, industrial structures, and building methods, and to train skilled labor in this field. 

In 1956, by the Order of the USSR State Committee for Construction (Gosstroy), TSNIPS was transformed into the Research Institute of Building Constructions (TSNIISK) and included in the Academy of Construction and Architecture. In 1963, by the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers the Institute was named after the statesman and prominent Soviet scientists Vladimir Alexeyevich Kucherenko.

Today,TSNIISK performs principal functions in the field of theory of structures and structural mechanics, development of principally new forms of metal, stone, wooden constructions, plastic-based constructions, including respective technologies of manufacturing, as well as seismic, vibration, and fire protection of building constructions, buildings, and structures. 

Through its long-term activity TSNIISK exercised a decisive influence on formation and establishment of the most important areas of the theory of strength and reliability. Modern calculation principles for all types of building structures were elaborated on the basis of the limit state method, theory of shells, plasticity, seismic resistance, and assessment of impact of various dynamic loads.

The wealth of knowledge and experience is reflected in the best results achieved in solving of certain construction tasks. Almost all large objects in the country, high-rise buildings, steel mills, major plants, stadiums, airports, and unique long-span structures were built in accordance with SNiPs (construction rules and regulations) and GOSTs (national standards) elaborated in the Research Institute or with the participation of its scientists. TSNIISK performed a large scope of work on establishment of industrial construction basis, development of regulatory and generic design documentation, harmonization of national design norms and standards with international norms,

and winning and maintenance of respectful attitude towards the national construction science globally.

The Research Institute cooperates with enterprises and individual developers in the field of innovations, as well as with regional soil building plants to fulfill local programs of mass and low-cost housing construction and spread air heating and autonomous energy supply systems.

TSNIISK creates across a vast geographic footprint. In the former USSR territory or in modern Russia there is scarcely any city or industrial complex built without consideration of some of the proceedings of our scientists and recommendations of TSNIISK specialists who directly participated in construction of many cities and complexes. TSNIISK facilitates successful construction in severe climatic and seismic conditions and designs new and reconstructs old unique buildings and structures globally.

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