Expert examination

In accordance with the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation, two parallel systems of expert examination of design documentation and engineering survey results – state and non-state – have been in force in Russia since April 1, 2012. Expert reports of both types are of equal legal force for procurement of construction permits.

Real estate developers and technical customers may choose either state or non-state expert organization, except for the cases when obligatory state expert examination is provided for by the law in respect of certain capital facilities.

JSC Research Center of Construction has a valid accreditation certificate for the right to carry out non-state expert examination of design documentation and engineering survey results. Out experts are trained to render expert services of any complexity. 

Main Advantages of Cooperation with JSC Research Center of Construction:

  • high professionalism, qualification, and long-term experience of its employees; 

  • individual approach to every customer;

  • prompt and high-quality review of design documentation and engineering survey results permitting to minimize expert examination duration;

  • flexible pricing with consideration of characteristics of capital facilities, reconstruction, and overhaul.

  • JSC Research Center of Construction carries out expert examination of the following types: 

Technical evaluation of state of buildings and structures, including after re-opening, in operation, or subject to reconstruction.

Industrial safety expert review

Expert review of design documentation, including: 

  • Geo-technical project evaluation.

  • Non-state expert examination of design documentation and non-state expert examination of engineering survey results.

  • Expert examination of Structural Solutions section;

  • Analysis and check of building constructions;

  • Expert examination of projects for compliance with requirements regarding protection of structures from progressive collapse in accordance with the Decree No. 87 of the Government of the Russian Federation and Technical Regulation Law;

  • expert examination of design solutions relating to selection of protective materials and coatings of buildings and structures;

  • preparation of expert reports on the above mentioned services.

Pursuant to a non-state expert examination of design documentation, a customer receives an official report having full force and effect and confirming compliance of the project with legislative provisions and technical regulations.

Forensic construction and technical expert examinations on request of arbitration and municipal courts:

  • evaluation of quality and scope of construction work performed;

  • evaluation of quality of applied building materials;

  • evaluation of strength of structures; and

  • preparation of scientific and technical reports on request of courts.

The Expert examination and Certification Center of JSC Research Center of Construction is interested in fruitful cooperation. Please contact our employees for further information on non-state expert examination.