Construction engineering of high-rise and wide-span buildings

 V. A. Kucherenko Central Research Institute of Building Constructions (TSNIISK) as a part of the Research Center of Construction provides engineering services in high-rise and unique construction and wooden house building. TSNIISK was founded in 1927 as the State Institute of Structures (GIS), and laid the foundation for the history of the Research Center of Construction. As long as for 85 years, TSNIISK is a leading research institute in the area of the theory of structures, building constructions, structural analysis, experimental studies, development and improvement of construction materials, material use methods, development of regulatory documents with regard to building constructions.

TSNIISK performs the following types of work in the area of construction engineering:

  • development of methods of structural analysis for useful life and reliability;

  • development of production technologies for building constructions;

  • engineering assistance in building of supporting and enclosing structures, including at subzero temperatures;

  • development of recommendations in case of accidents or modernization of buildings and structures with conditions of their operation remained unchanged or changed;

  • technical support of companies in preparing the documents for licensing of construction operations;

  • services for foreign investors in design and construction of facilities under contracts;

  • issue of expert opinions to institutions and companies for the right to carry out construction work when obtaining a license;

  • certification of construction materials, products and constructions.

Construction engineering work:

  • buildings and structures of all types erected in the areas with seismicity of 6-9 points and more (except for nuclear power plants and hydraulic engineering structures);

  • buildings and structures erected with consideration of complex geological and climatic conditions, as well as subject to dynamic loads, including explosion and fire loads;

  • seismic and vibration isolation systems for buildings, structures, and equipment;

  • engineering documents for new constructions of buildings and structures made of steel, aluminum, stone, composite materials, wood, plastics, and for tent and other lightweight constructions and production technologies thereof.

Product quality control:
  • development of measuring systems and laboratory equipment for structure testing, quality control and diagnostics of the technical condition of constructions;
  • full-scale inspections and testing of residential, industrial and special-purpose facilities for evaluation of the technical condition of constructions of buildings and structures, their fire safety and fire resistance level;

  • evaluation of the construction heat insulation and fire protection level of construction materials, products, including light constructions, equipment and utilities.

Support of production processes for granulated foam glass-ceramics:

- front end engineering design operations and studies;

- preparation of statements of work and feasibility studies for creation of industrial line;

- development of technical documents;

- design and engineering study of technical and technological items;

- analysis and selection of manufacturers of the optimal technological equipment;

- post-design services during mounting and commissioning operations;

- consulting and field supervision.