In accordance with its Articles of Association the Research Center carries out scientific and technological activity as follows:

– performance of theoretical, research, and practical work in the following fields: construction of buildings and structures and foundations thereof, building materials, constructions and products, building technologies, manufacturing of materials and products, building codes and standards, and construction ecology;

– elaboration of theory of structures, strength and reliability of building components and structures, seismic stability, and fire resistance of buildings and structures;

– elaboration of theory of concrete and reinforced concrete, issues of production and research of new efficient concretes, reinforcement, and elaboration of efficient reinforced concrete structures;

– problem solving in the field of soil mechanics, bases and foundations of buildings and structures, elaboration of work performance methods, and design of underground structures.

The institutes of JSC Research Center of Construction carry out R&D on prevention of emergency situations:

  • construction design engineering of buildings and structures

of all types, including buildings and structures erected in the areas with seismic rating of 7 to 9 points (except for nuclear power plants and hydraulic engineering structures); buildings and structures erected with consideration of complex geological and climatic conditions, as well as subject to dynamic loading, such as explosion and fire loading;

  • development of seismic and vibration isolation systems for buildings, structures, and equipment;

  • carrying out of engineering geological and topographical survey for construction; geotechnical monitoring;

  • design of bases, foundations, and underground structures for complex engineering geological, climatic, and geotechnical conditions; structures for protection of ground and surface water from pollution, as well as land development.