Research services (theoretical, appraisal survey, applied)

The activity of JSC RC Construction is aimed to carry out R&D in the priority directions of science, technology and technique as well as in critical technologies as set out in the Order of President of the Russian Federation No 899 dd. July 07, 2011 such as «Safety and counter-terrorism», «Energy Performance, saving of energy, nuclear engineering», «Nanosystem industry», «Rational use of natural resources», as well as research support of several federal programs: «Housing», «Seismic safety of Russian territory», «Development of physical training and sport in the Russian federation for 2006-2015» etc.

In order to develop the said directions under the state and international contracts, contracts with budgetary and extrabudgetary funding the Center annually prepares many research papers.

The perspective research works of 2014-2015 are as follows:

  • probability calculation of structure elements for accidental explosion load in non linear dynamical position and numerical treatment of deformation and plating under in-plane loads considering large rooms and non linear function of material;
  • construction impact assessment of communication tunnels using shield tunneling method onto context area and establishing standards of permissible additional strain on the foundations of existing buildings;
  • development of assessment method of risks and damage of climate change for buildings and structures, transport system and infrastructure caused by northing of south line of continuous permafrost zone;
  • improving stability of residential buildings, main objects and life support systems in seismic zones of Russia by 2020 and development of tools to conduct monitoring to secure complex seismic safety in seismic regions of Russia;
  • improving analysis techniques for stability by flexural members of single-span beams with uniform cross section of metal structures;
  • theoretical studies of reliability of determination results of deformation module of different soils incl. permafrost based on the stress relaxation method;
  • carrying out calculations and mathematical modeling of thin layer heat- and fire- proofing coating of reinforced concrete and metal structures;
  • determination of strength class of members of load-bearing laminated wood constructions and their determination methods;
  • determination of frontal resistance of drive pile based on solving soil spreading task;
  • Experimental and theoretical evaluation of the reliability of three-ply roofing panels with orthotropic middle layer from continuous basalt and mineral wool.

In addition to research studies in these direction applied R&D is carried out needed today for construction complex such as:

  • Geotechnical monitoring and project of sinkhole protection when reconstructing the Red Square in Moscow and constructing helicopter pad in Kreml;
  • Expertise of geotechnical part of complex reconstruction project, restoration of building of Golitsiny Manor in Volkhonka, Moscow for Art Gallery of American and European countries of XIX – XXI cc., building of Picture gallery of older masters in Znamensky pereulok, Moscow, Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, stadium «Dinamo», «Luzhniki» and other sport buildings in Kaliningrad, Rostov on Don and Saransk;
  • R&D support of construction of 2 high towers with the total substructure and underground parking «Lakhta-Center» in Saint Petersburg, areas 17 and 18 Moscow International Business Center «Moscow city»;
  • Works for protection of the main building of The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (objects of cultural heritage of federal significance) during its reconstruction, restoration and re-equipment with state-of-the-art museum techniques;
  • Research study of concrete pore structure with further calculation and analytical estimation of remaining lifetime of concrete structures of Beloyarskaya, Rostovskaya, Novovoronezhskaya, Leningradskaya A-Plants, Yakutskaya, Verkhnetagilskaya SDPP, power station Yamal SPG when reconstructing;
  • Tests of composite broad-flange beams, channels produced based on one-directional polyester glass for rail flats of Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways";
  • Drafting of conclusion for foundation project of new object on the territory of the Embassy of Russia in Colombo (Sri-Lanka) and new objects on the territory of the Embassy of Russia in Dublin (Ireland) as well as R&D support of 18 objects when accepting geotechnical works;
  • Work complex of geotechnical monitoring on site «VTB Arena park» in Leningradsky prospect in Moscow due to construction of a building on its territory;
  • R&D support of pre-project engineering and geological research for construction of multipurpose high complex «Akhmat-Tower» in Grozny;
  • Development of foundation projects for bridge crossing being a part of transfer hub and R&D support and construction of buildings on the territory of Innovation center Skolkovo and designer supervision during its implementation;
  • Research to improve concrete by use of modified additives with ultrafine carbon (nanocarbon) for Rosatom;
  • Research of biocidal additives to concrete «Б-1; Б-1-Б» for fungicide and biocide activity of protective additive «Nanoconcrete» and development of «Recommendations for their use when producing concrete mixes »;
  • Development of «Technical solutions for repair and restoring works of multilayer exterior wall envelopes of buildings incl. high buildings by use of industrial weather-proof decorative fixtures at 4 objects»;
  • Development of technology and arrangement of geotechnical shields to protect over 20 buildings and structures against vibration caused by transport vehicles as well as technological equipment;
  • Complex research of strength and deformability of large-sized hollow tiles when constructing one and multilayer walls;
  • R&D support of designing and engineer survey of construction process and monitoring of buildings near 32 large constructions in Russia;
  • Development and application of reinforced steel class А600С from steel with increased operating properties grade20Г2СФБА and production of sanitary appliances and constructional unit albums as well as solutions for enforcement of structures using wire welded mesh clothes together with RDA;
  • Participation in development of measures to secure complex seismic safety in Irkutsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in case of earthquake of 7-9 magnitude;
  • Conduction of model aerodynamic tests of over 40 multipurpose complexes and structures to define climatic loads (wind, snow and temperature) (Akhmat-Tower in Grozny, MZhDK «Smart-Park» in Ufa, «Lakhta-Center» in Saint Petersburg, airport «Central» Saratov, air terminal building « Central » Saratov, air terminal building «Bolshoe Savino» Perm, VAR in Minsk (Belarus), shopping and recreation center «Riviera in Moscow) etc.

For over 85 years the main activities of the Center are national security protection, reliability and life of buildings and structures incl. compliance with federal laws dd. 30.12.2009 № 384-ФЗ « Technical Regulations on Safety of Buildings and Structures » and dd. 06.03.2006 № 35-ФЗ « Concerning the Combating of Terrorism», as well as with the global and national strategy of accident and acts of God risk management of Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Response concerning designing of fire proofing, seismic, technical and terrorism protection, development of special normative and technical documentation and special technical regulations. The works of previous years such as fires in Ostankino Tower and Manezh, technological disaster at the Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, accidents of fall of roofs in Moscow, Kazan etc. in 2014 are added by a complex of works of flood relief in the far East, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Province, so that in 2014 R&D are continued to prevent emergency accidents in the following areas:

  • Structural designing and designing of buildings and structures of all types including constructed in seismic zones of 7-9 magnitude (except for A-plants and waterworks), constructed considering adverse climatic and geological conditions and under dynamic loads incl. explosive and fire loads;
  • Development of systems for seismic and vibration insulation of buildings, structures and equipment; engineering-geological and topographical survey for construction, geotechnical monitoring;
  • Designing of fundaments, basements and underground structures for complex engineering-geological, natural and climatic and geotechnical conditions; constructions to protect against pollution of underground and surface water as well as land use planning and management.